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Ranchland development can assist you with a large variety of excavating related projects. This includes site preparation for building construction, basement excavations, road and driveway construction, land clearing, pond and lake development, trenching and fill projects.  Virtually any excavating related needs you have, we can fulfill.

Site Preparation


Excavating is the initial part of the building process where a site is prepared for construction activity.  The process is similar for both commercial and residential projects.  The site is first evaluated, then clearing and excavating requirements are defined before any actual build work commences.  Moving soil, bringing in additional fill or removing excess material are common steps that occur during the site preparation phase.  Tree removal, mowing and other clearing may also be required at this time. Ranchland Development also commonly performs these clearing services.

Water Spillways

Basement Excavations

Basement excavation involves the removal of soil and other materials so a foundation or basement can be put into place for a building/structure.
 We work with the builder and excavate the necessary materials based on a staked survey or plan before the builder commences any foundation, footing or basement construction.


Driveways, roadways, and access roads


Drives and roadways may be constructed of many types of material, including asphalt, concrete or rock.  The basic principles of drive construction begin with the foundation of the road bed.  All drives must have a proper base.  Without a base the drive will not last and will need to be reworked at a future time. Proper drainage slope is also important when roads and drives are constructed.  For instance, some drives made from rock will need to be regularly maintained to keep up their appearance and structure.  These basic principles of slope, drainage and maintenance apply to private roads as well as government owned roads, streets, and highways.




Trenching is the process of excavating channels of soil, rock and other material from the ground to pour foundation footings or for placement of underground utilities such as water lines, gas, phone, cable tv, and electrical services.  The type of trenching required will determine the equipment used for the project.  This may include the use of excavators, backhoes, chain trenchers, wheel trenchers, or cable plow.



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